What is the Forté Team Pulse Report?

What is the Forté Team Pulse Report?





The Forté Team Pulse Report

For over a decade, I have been using the Forté Team Pulse Report with, my clients and boy, does it make a difference. Designed to help individuals best understand how they fit, are adapting and how to achieve success with their teammates.  It coaches individuals in group alignment and appreciating the differences around the table.

You are able to see the exact strengths and behaviors needed to get the job done efficiently and effectively. 




What is Forté?

Over 6000 businesses and 6 million people use the Forté communication tool.  In general, it is different and powerful. It teaches true, effective organizational communication and represents the human side of communication. 

The communication system is quantified into four main styles of human communication – dominance, extroversion, patience, and conformity.  Identifying over 250,000 dimensions via the primary, current, adapting and perceiver profiles. It allows users to understand how each communication style adapts to its environment and other people. It discovers what motivates, stimulates and incentivizes a person and how to communicate effectively. 

How BBA Conduct Forté

With BBA, we use the Team Pulse Report to establish a really high performing team. Each person first completes a Communication Style Report and from there we generate a collated overview of the communication styles around the table.

This gives us an understanding of the interpersonal dynamics of the team members from both a natural communication style or a preferred natural style.  More importantly, it shows us how team members are currently adapting to the challenges at work and how to overcome them. Specifically, we get insights on stamina, resilience and overall resilience.

The Forté Team Pulse Report is like the secret sauce of understanding what allows a really strong team to perform. It gives the leader the insights of what is going on and what is happening with the team dynamic. Any leader/management can understand how valuable and insightful this data is. Armed with this new data and information, teams understand what is and what isn’t contributing to their performance.


About the author;

Simon McAuliffe has over 20 years of experience in the HRD sector. Having worked and trained over 25,000 managers and leaders in the EMEA range he now specializes in Organizational Design and Transformation, Executive Coaching and Team Performance​.

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