From Management to Leadership

BBA’s “From Management to Leadership”program is a three module / two-day program (six days in total) aimed at managers who have been in their roles for more than 12 months and need to increase their influence, lead others, lead change and transition to a more leadership mindset.


A highly interactive program that provides feedback, discussions, feedback, personal and team insight inventories, group exercises, case studies and personal action planning to ensure the experience is embedded back in the workplace.


We are frequently asked to customise and create programs specifically for an organisation’s needs which we are happy to do.


Below represents the most frequent program content requested and will vary from organisation to organisation.


This programme provides the opportunity for participants to: 


  • draw on the experiences and challenges that enable people to learn from one another, in an open yet confidential environment;
  • take time away from the workplace, to enable participants to self-reflecton what it means to lead and their contribution to organisation success.
  • take time to discuss the challenges that come with leading/managing people and the organisation.
  • discuss the importance of self-awareness
  • focus on the importance of developing the skills of influencing and communicating at all levels throughout the organisation.


Program pre-work

Some pre-work is required before attending the program, this includes but not limited to:


  • Program preparation conference calls
  • Pre-program questionnaires
    • Communications Styles – Forte
    • EQi – Emotional Intelligence
    • 360 feedback
    • Drexler Sibbett team performance framework
    • Personal development planning


OBJECTIVES  (by the end of the program participants will….)


  • Clearly understand how their role in the future success of the organisation can be implemented in a practical and measurable manner
  • Have a deeper understanding of how communication influences our ability to influence, build and maintain relationships
  • Understand the most common reasons why teams can fail and what they need to do to stay on track and deal with different roadblocks, challenges and opportunities
  • Have gained valuable insights into their “executive presence”, – impactful communications, personal brand, influencing, negotiation and self-awareness
  • Be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools that enable them to be more effective coaches and mentors
  • Instil a culture of execution in their team
  • Learn how to lead and communicate change effectively
  • Create alignment and clarity to ensure teams stay on track and execute flawlessly
  • Understand the challenges of leading vs managing




Leading Self – Developing Individual Insights

  • The impact of communication style on interpersonal relations and influence
  • The role of emotional intelligence on success as a leader
  • How to effectively coach, listen and manage performance
  • Develop a personalframework for how to lead teams and the organisation
  • How to manage conflicts in a way that considers different points of view and perspectives.


Leading Others–Building High Performing Teams

  • Team leadership and performance
  • Setting objectives
  • Questioning and listening
  • Coaching and mentoring for results
  • Managing and resolving conflict
  • Effective communications
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Motivation – theory and practice
  • Managing performance
  • Supporting personal development


Leading the Business – Building High Performing Teams

  • Business Acumen – customised and internal leader lead
  • HR Acumen – customised and internal leader lead
  • Creating and leading strategy
  • Doing the right things, better – problem solving and decision making
  • Understanding, leading and implementing change
  • Inter-team collaboration to achieve results



If you are unsure about whether or not you could benefit from our services, consider some of these questions:


  • As a leader, how strong is your leadership?
  • What do you want your people legacy to be?
  • Are you maximising your people with a competitive advantage?
  • Are you happy with the culture in your organisation?
  • Does everyone in your team know what a good dynamic feels like?
  • Is there conflict not being resolved?
  • How strong is ownership and accountability in your team or do you end up carrying the weight?
  • Are any roadblocks getting in the way of what you are trying to achieve?
  • Are you lacking momentum?
If you would like to know more about how one to one coaching could benefit you or a member of your team and explore how BBA Training can drive your organization forward by creating better leaders, contact us via phone, email or filling out your details below…

1. Leadership in Action

  • Separating Leadership and Management
  • Determine a practical Strategic Framework for the organisation
  • Developing your organisation’s DNA (the emotional enablers which drive commitment)


2. Leading Teams

  • Bringing company values to life – “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.”
  • Applying the 5 dysfunctions of teams to your organisation to determine practical improvements for all
  • Getting people to do what they are best at on a daily basis – Play to their strengths


3. Understanding Self and Others

  • Understanding individual behaviours and how others respond to them
  • Developing improved personal awareness, behaviours and influencing skills
  • Gaining a greater understanding of team members, how best to both communicate and motivate them


4. Enabling Employee Engagement

  • Develop a clear understanding as to what employee engagement is and how to multiple disciplines to significantly improve the engagement of your team
  • Use of performance management disciplines to support employee engagement
  • Having the difficult conversation and giving feedback”


5. Driving Change and Company Culture

  • Applying Kovey’s framework for change to your organisation
  • The Obstacke is the Way – how to use challenges make improvements
  • Building Collective Resilience
  • Applying a proven methodology to increase creativity and innovation


6. Managing Self (Developing greater awareness and EI)

  • Understanding how our perception limits our response, potentially reducing our impact
  • Understand how are minds striving for certainty and development of habits helps and hinders
  • Determine areas for personal growth and development

BBA Faculty

Simon Mc Auliffe

CEO & Co-Founder BBA


Simon McAuliffe brings over 17 years experience as a senior team facilitator and corporate trainer working with clients globally. Whether he’s working with a CEO, facilitating senior executives during a workshop, or counseling a client over the phone, Simon brings his passion, enthusiasm and contagious optimism for best practice facilitation to every interaction. His clients span a variety of industries, including technology, financial services and healthcare. Specific organizations Simon has worked with include Credit Suisse, Banque Saudi Fransi, National Bank of Kuwait, Dell, McAfee, Sky Broadcasting, GE Healthcare, HP as well as many others.


Using a combination of thoughtful and genuine listening and questioning skills, a no-nonsense, “say-it-like-it-is” directness, and good humor, Simon helps teams get clear about what it takes to become the best they can be. He is certified or qualified in a host of leadership & team development tools and programs including Drexler-Sibbett, Forte, MBTI, DiSC and Situational Leadership.




B. A. (Management) IPA / NCEA
Post Grad Dip Training & Development – ICM

FORTÉ Coach – Behavioural Communications & Adaptation
MBTI 1 & 2 Certified Trainer
Firo B Certified Trainer
DiSC Certified Trainer
Baron EQI Certified Trainer
Crucial Conversations certified
Certificate in Stress Management – UK Centre of Stress Management

John Coburn

Business Development Director BBA


An accomplished Global Learning &Organisation Development Professional with over 20 years of extensive international and multicultural experience who has worked with corporate blue chip tech and petro-chemical organisations across EMEA, USA and the Middle East.


Specific competencies developed in Executive Leadership Program Design and Delivery, Organisation Development, delivering business improvement projects associated with Change Management, Culture Transformation, Leadership Development, Talent Management and Development, Enterprise Learning Systems, Corporate Universities/Academies and Improving Workforce Performance.




MSc Organisation Behaviour-IMI/Trinity College
BSc Information Systems -Trinity College

Qualified practitioner for:
16PF Personality Profiling
MBTI Step 1&Step 2
EQi (Reuven Bar-On)
Forte (Communications Styles)
Polarity Management
Level 1 – Psychometric Testing
Hogan Executive Profiling (HPI)
Crucial Conversations Trainer
Corporate Athlete Practitioner (Human Performance Institute USA)

The focus of Simon and John’s facilitation style is on helping leaders and teams establish what is really important and ensure they have the interpersonal skills and confidence to achieve the tasks and activities that take them closer to their goals. There are definite strategies and techniques which allow people to excel as individuals, as leaders and as teams.  When these practices are applied, the results will follow, and both helps leaders achieve this.