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For over 20 years we have been privileged enough to work with some of the greatest companies in the world. Organisations such as Dell, Google, HP, J&J, McAfee, Kerry group & Microsoft have trusted my colleagues and I here at BBA to develop and coach many of their top leaders and their teams not alone here in Ireland but across EMEA. I personally have worked in over 40 different countries at this stage and still counting. Not alone have we worked with the best but more importantly, we have been fortunate enough to learn from the very best. These large corporates are at the cutting edge of leadership and people development and are consistently looking for new ways to develop their leaders and create the best possible culture for their staff. This experience has been invaluable and it is this knowledge and insights that gives me the ability to add value for my clients today. Many of the skills, tools and techniques I use as a trainer / facilitator and coach have been developed and honed through my experiences with these large corporates.


For example, the Drexler Sibbet team performance model was completely unknown to me until one of my key clients requested me to use it with his senior teams. He had experience of the tool in a previous role and found it useful. Having researched the tool and liking it, I flew to San Francisco to get certified in the use of the model… Now, I find that a workshop that incorporates Drexler Sibbet along with the forte communication profile provides one of the most insightful and practical methods of helping a team to communicate better, understand their differences and work through the process that they as a group of people need to go through to be the best team they can be. Awareness can change a belief, and changing a belief can change behaviour. Changing behaviour can change the team’s performance.

Simon McAulliffe

Executive Team Coaching Ireland

Simon is an accomplished, personable and skilled trainer, facilitator & coach with 20+ years in multinational, fast paced, complex corporate environments. Proactive facilitator to C-suite level leadership teams, designing and executing transformational people development initiatives to support positive culture creation, team performance, successor development and organisational productivity. An effective communicator and qualified trainer, coach, team facilitator and psychotherapist. Significant team lead and project championing roles across the full spectrum of Human Resource responsibilities. Technologically adroit, embracing objective, valid, data driven tools and processes in HR initiatives. Very significant multicultural experience working with diverse teams and leading programmes across three continents. Clients such as Dell, HP, McAfee, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Sky, Aviva, Credit Suisse, NBK and Kerry Group. Specific expertise in strategy development, alignment and execution. Flexible, result and business oriented, energiser, inspires purposeful leadership, pragmatic, makes things happen. In a nut shell, delivers results!


One of the key differentiators we add to deliver our innovative, creative and effective programmes are the tools we use such as Forté Communication Profile, Drexler / Sibbet Team Performance®️ Model, 5 dysfunctions of a team and graphic visualisation tools.


All of these tools create an environment of high energy, experiential learning, strong processes and tangible results that will drive the requires in your team and wider organisation.


We know that every leader and team has great potential. However, there are times when the team is not aligned and productivity suffers as a result. Our experience of over 20 years allows us to work with teams of all sizes where we guide, support and develop teams to ensure that they reach their potential.