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What I have enjoyed most with BBA is that the relationship with their client beyond a narrow definition of service. I can personally recommend BBA as a great learning and development provider

Cathal O'Kane, Talent Manager, Dell.

What we Do

Management Selection Training & Coaching

Excellent Managers are the key to high performance. It is the Manager or Supervisor that employees get their perception of the organisation from, its vision, goals and culture. Front line supervisors or Managers see their people every day. Each day, they intentionally and unintentionally send strong message to their people about what is important and what is not. Despite this many Managers simply find themselves in the role with little or no formal training and can find it a difficult adjustment to go from being team member to having to manage their colleagues.

BBA Training understands the training needs of today's managers and combines 20 years hands on experience with the latest management thinking to train your front-line managers read on.