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I would have no hesitation in recommending Brid and BBA Training to any organisation who is looking for performance improvement in their middle to senior management

Senior Director & General Manager Alkermes Gainesville LLC

Bríd Bourke Biography

"The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. This myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That's nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born. Failing organizations are usually over-managed and under-led." Warren Bennis.

"I believe absolutely in the power of the individual's potential and in the power of coaching to help unleash that potential. I focus on three things with the Leaders I coach: increasing their self awareness, maximising their adaptability and producing patterns of effectual behaviour. At heart I am a behaviourist: we are habitual and like to do what provides comfort. Understanding our needs behind that behaviour is a personal journey of self knowledge, acceptance and adaptation. These are the keys to sustaining successful behavioural patterns and achieving extraordinary results." Brid Bourke.

A graduate of University College Dublin, University of Limerick, University of Sheffield and Open University, Brid has nearly twenty years experience in the diagnosis of HRD issues, the development of organisational leaders and the design and implementation of behavioural based solutions.

She worked as a Training and Development Executive in the education and community sectors, then as a HRD consultant for PMTC providing customised corporate training programmes to clients in the pharma and construction sectors, before founding a Management Training company in 1994. Since then BBA (Building Better Abilities) has grown and is engaged in profitably delivering HRD solutions (Selection, Coaching, and Training) to a corporate client base across Europe including Dell, McAfee, APC MGE, Pfizer, Heineken, Schering Plough, Intel, Alcon SSC, Digicel, Kerry Group, GE Healthcare, Gilead Sciences & SSC, DAA, Google, Alkermes and NRA.

BBA is the distributor for The Forté Institute's suite of tools in UK & Ireland.
Brid's training in the disciplines of science, adult education and psychology, coupled with her business practitioner and corporate consulting experience enable her to rapidly assimilate the world of her coachee, and relate to the specifics of their development opportunities.

Specifically, Brid excels at Leadership / Executive coaching contracts at Director Level and above which involve:

• High potential leadership development;
• First 100 days in new role;
• Behavioural adaptation;
• Accountability and goal progression;
• Communication / Conflict / Negotiation skill development;
• Emotional and Self Awareness.

Frequently Brid will also work with the coachee's team to achieve synergistic performance levels, collaborative communication and adaptive interrelationship capacities….in other words she helps teams work better together.


• B. Agr. Science 1989 – University College Dublin
• Post Grad Dip Training & Development (distinction) 1991 – University of Limerick
• Masters in Education and Training (distinction) 1997 – University of Sheffield
• B. Sc. (Hons) Psychology (Open) 2007 – Open University
• FORTÉ Master Trainer / FORTÉ Coach – Behavioural Communications & Adaptation
• Bar-On EQi 133 and Bar-On EQ 360 certified – Emotional Intelligence
• Thomas International Certified User
• Profiles XT & Checkpoint 360 Certified User
• Conflict Resolution Network Approved.

Brid was the first executive coach in Ireland to be invited for assessment to join the global premier coaching organisation for corporate executive coaching: Coach Source (previously Alliance for Strategic Leadership (A4SL)). She has been selected on the Global Executive Coach Panels for Dell, Intel and Google.

Team coach to EMEA VP Business Operations and management team: goals were to build synergy and achieve optimum performance through more effective cross cultural communication.

Coach to high potential Director of manufacturing company. Focus on developing leadership capability through personal journey of self awareness, acceptance and successful adaptation to work environments.

Coach to Financial Director of IT Company, during merger. Challenge was to manage complex 360° environments in difficult, changing environment.

Coach to CEO and SMT of Media Company at a time of rebranding from regional brand to national brand. Sales and product quality all significantly increased during the period of coaching and product gained national recognition.

Coach to new hire CEO of third sector organisation challenged with turning around morale and motivation of employees and developing a strategic management team.

'I've gained an engaging, empowering, inspiring Leadership & communication style as a result of my work with Brid.'

'We worked on how I can help my direct reports as well as stretching and challenging them.'

'She is a very strong Coach and her skill sets/strengths are well suited to the areas I'm developing.'

'We covered Team Building as I had just commenced a new role which required me to identify resource needs and build a new team – Brid was very helpful in advising me along the way, particularly in soliciting feedback from the team on how I am performing as their manager.'

'I developed more energy to stay 'always on'.'

'It was great to discuss various work situations with Brid and get some advice and perspective. Also, as her knowledge on all coaching areas is extensive, we had many valuable and interesting conversations.'

'In short Brid has been fantastic - she has helped me in my development in a way I never expected!'