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I would have no hesitation in recommending Brid and BBA Training to any organisation who is looking for performance improvement in their middle to senior management

Senior Director & General Manager Alkermes Gainesville LLC

Assessment & Development Centres

BBA Training has extensive successful experience in running Assessment & Development centres for large corporate clients.

Research has consistently indicated that well-designed Assessment Centres are the best means of predicting candidate success in comparison with other selection methods.

The Irish Trade Board (now part of Enterprise Ireland) uses an Assessment Centre format combined with a very detailed form in a good example of best practice in graduate recruitment Assessment

Assessment Centres are designed to help you make the best selection decisions when recruiting and promoting staff through a combination of exercises, psychometric tests, interviews and group activities aimed at identifying skills and abilities.

The technique is widely accepted as being rigorous, fair, objective and relevant. Feedback indicates that both assessors and candidates regard Assessment Centres as intrinsically fairer and more effective than traditional interviews.

Generally, a group of participants take part in an integrated programme of activities and simulated exercises designed to generate behaviour similar to that required for success in a target job or job level. They are observed by a team of trained assessors who evaluate each participant against a number of job-related behaviours. Decisions are made by pooling shared data and are therefore extremely objective.

Importantly, the assessment centre method does not relate to current job performance, but to future performance. In short an assessment centre will help an employer reduce the risks and costs of employing the wrong people.

Development Centres identify people's strengths and development needs by allowing participants to complete a range of exercises so that their core competencies can be established and the findings compared to those required by the job.

A Development Centre encompasses the identification of high potential people, self awareness raising and an element of training.

Generally, a properly designed development centre will be one of the most valuable development experiences within an individuals' career, because it should enable them to focus on developing those skills that will allow them to progress their career in the most constructive manner.

A development centre run as part of an integrated training strategy is an excellent way of ensuring that training is carried out in a context of organisational relevance and ultimately leads to -